Carbotix Series Figures - Voltron

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Carbotix Series Figures - Voltron:

Size:  15" tall



  • This massive figure stands at a whopping 15" when all lions are combined.
  • Blitzway has carefully analyzed each lion, giving them free-moving joints that allow dynamic poses, while maintaining perfect proportions in their lion state as well as when they are combined as Voltron. If that wasn't enough, each lion's eyes include an LED light to create that animated appearance.
  • When it comes to Voltron figures, we want a sturdy figure, and Blitzway has made that possible by using alloy parts to give a satisfying feeling of holding a heavy robot.
  • Also included in this fantastic figure are 5 detailed pilots for each lion. You can find all 5 pilots seated in the cockpits as well!
  • Voltron includes a display base with a support shaped as a trajectory of light for each lion to display them in the iconic pose while forming Voltron. This support can also be used to mount the many weapons included with this figure.

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