Gambit and Rogue X-Men '92 2 pack Artfx+ Statue

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Sealed New in the Box.

The highly collectible 1/10 scale figures of the X-Men '92 Series are rendered in the bold, dynamic style of the popular X-Men animated series from the 90S, their simplistic sculpting and vivid colors making them look as if they've jumped straight out of an animation cel. The sixth entry in the X-Men '92 line is a long-awaited, powerful duo: the antihero created by Chris claremont and Jim Lee, Gambit, and the popular super-heroines who has appeared in countless X-Men adaptations from the animation to video games, Rogue! The pair is recreated in Bold animation-style detail, from the charged card Gambit holds behind his back to rogue's dynamic flying pose.

  • A Kotobukiya Japanese import
  • Based on the look of the classic animated series
  • Statues are in 1: 10 scale
  • Includes both Rogue and gambit
  • Retro packaging

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