X-Men Captive Hearts Animated series VHS #4 S1 E5 (sealed)

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X-Men Captive Hearts Animated series VHS #4 S1 E5 (sealed)

The X-Men are still struggling to recover from their last battle when a new threat emerges from beneath their feet. Jean and Scott are kidnapped by a group of sewer dwellers who intend to make one of them their ruler. Storm must overcome her fears to lead the X-Men into the depths to confront this new and deadly threat.

Cedric Smith Charles Xavier/Professor X
Cal Dodd Logan/Wolverine
Norm Spencer Scott Summers/Cyclops
Iona Morris Ororo Munroe/Storm
Chris Potter Remy LeBeau/Gambit
Catherine Disher Jean Grey
Lenore Zann Rogue
Alyson Court Jubilation Lee/Jubilee
Susan Roman Callisto
John Stocker Leech
Dan Hennessey Sunder
David Corban Tar Baby
Judy Marshak Plague
Kay Tremblay Annalee
Ross Petty Ape

Richard Bowman
Larry Houston

Writing Credits
Robert N. Skir (written by)

Marty Isenberg (written by)
Eric Lewald (story editor)
Bob Harras (story consultant)
Eric Lewald (developed by)
Sidney Iwanter (developed by)
Mark Edward Edens (developed by)
Margaret Loesch (created by)

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